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Friday, 20 July 2012

BB FlashBack Pro Full Version Free Download

BB FlashBack Pro + Portable - Making Educational Films
Rapidshare Download Links | 12MB

BB FlashBack Pro video capture interface helps you to answer your question, your friend and he simply has responded to problems. If you look at most educational CD with a movie of how the program is that training is provided and you see it, the program learn how to work with the film that it is made with video cameras and filmed by a camera in a Windows environment is that this camera can shoot from your Windows environment, the software that allows you to work in the filming of Windows allows you to teach anything, The software can work with you while working with software, videos of their work and make it into a training CD. with BB FlashBack can have on any part of the interest, add Help text. This software is used in many educational projects. When you save your work with the SWF format, this software allows you to another file with the arrow SWF file format is HTML and you can easily use it in your web pages required. Thus its purpose is simply to pass on to you without the slightest difficulty experienced.

Features software BB FlashBack Pro :

    Full record display
    Webcam recorder
    Ability to add sound, text and photo
    Publish feature in Flash, AVI, WMV, EXE, PowerPoint
    The final file size limit
    Ability to determine the amount of file compression 
   Fymlbrdary and some other details related to the number of frames per second
    Ability to add more voices in Turkish
    Powerful ability to view and edit file shot
    A detailed account of the ability
    Playback control capabilities in Flash
    Possible to specify Mouse Cursor
    Capable of continuous recording
    Easy to use and always ready
    Ability to output QuickTime
    Compatible with all versions of Windows, including the popular Windows 7



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