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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Crossword.Forge.v5.6.1 Full Version Free Download

Crossword.Forge.v5.6.1 Full Version Download

Crossword Forge is a program that helps you create crosswords and puzzles.Simply type in clue and answer pairs, and Crossword Forge will generate a puzzle for you.Featuring a brand new interface and complete Undo and Redo support, Crossword Forge 4 is a great tool to make your own high quality, printable crossword puzzles and word search puzzles.Crossword Forge now has unlimited Undo and Redo. Since this applies to anything you can do with the product, you can feel free to experiment, risk freeCrossword Forge is now sporting a new look. The Puzzle Preview, Puzzle Editor, and Fonts Window have been combined into one window. This means you can spend more time making your puzzle, and less time arranging your windows.

Key Features:

· Multiple puzzle titles
· Font, Style, Size and Justification controls
· Unlimited clue and answer length
· Color and Picture backdrops
· Customizable Across and Down text
· Supports puzzle grids of any size
· Puzzle clues can span multiple pages
· Customizable grid block size
· Alphabet palette, to make it much easier to insert foreign characters
· Allows for manual puzzle repositioning within backdrop

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